restoration contractor

Is Your Painting or Restoration Contractor Financially Responsible?

How do you determine if your prospective painting or restoration contractor is going to be financially responsible and start and finish your project? The way to do this is to ask if your painter has Business Accounts with the Bank and Local Suppliers. A business account with a bank at
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The Most Important Question to Ask a Painting Contractor

It is critical that you ask your painter, or painting contractor, if they have liability insurance, that it is actually valid and that you able to confirm this. There are two types of insurance for contractors: Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation or WorkSafe BC formally known
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How Long Has Your Painter Been in Business?

Hiring a Painting Contractor A great question to ask when hiring a painting contractor is: “how long have you been in business?” Painting contractors in Vancouver come and go. It’s more common than you think and is done to avoid creditors or past clients; some contractors
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How to Determine if Your Painter is Qualified

One of the frustrations homeowners have is that the workmanship is not professional. A professional skilled company has painters that are journeymen and have what is called a ticket. In Canada this is called the Red Seal Certificate of Qualification as a Painter and a Decorator. The q
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painting a textured ceiling

4 Steps to Painting a Textured Ceiling

When painting a textured ceiling there are a 4 factors to take into account. 1. Has it ever been painted before, 2. was there a smoker living there at any point, 3. will you be painting the walls after the ceilings, and 4. is there texture, or splatter, on the walls? Ok, so you have f
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hiring a painting contractor

5 Things Painters Do That Drive Homeowners Crazy

Have you noticed that a lot of homeowners are frustrated or concerned about hiring a painting contractor? Maybe you have had a bad, or not so great experience when you’ve hired a painter in the past? Whether it is a small interior painting job or a large exterior restoration, you will
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Paint Kitchen Cupboards

How to Paint Kitchen Cupboards

As a Vancouver painters we are sometimes asked to paint kitchen cupboards. While time consuming, if done properly the results are amazing and cost effective. As with most painting, the first and most important step is the preparation. With cabinets you need to disassemble all of the c
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using paint sprayers

Painting using paint sprayers

Painting using paint sprayers Painting using paint sprayers: Spraying is very effective in getting a large volume of surface area done. The problem is that if done by an inexperienced crew they can make a terrible mess. Insurance companies have a $1000 deductible per claim. So if you
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Painting Interior

Painting Interior of Science World

Painting Interior: Renaissance Painting has been down at Science World off and on for a couple of months now painting the interior. It is a two tone colour scheme, with a dark colour on the upper and a lighter colour on the bottom. The interior of the building is very large, with larg
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