Exterior Painting

Safeguard your home against the wet coastal climate and make it a joy to look at

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Painted Home Exterior

Say Goodbye To Peeling Paint

Your home is one of your most valuable assets and needs to be looked after and properly maintained all year round. Living in a wet climate makes it harder to keep your home protected. That’s why a high-quality paint job is so important.

When approaching your home’s exterior, we also keep an eye out for any damaged or rotten wood. And instead of covering it up with paint as most contractors would do, we first prepare your home and repair any damages before starting any paint work.

This way you are able to get a home that is protected from the elements and requires little to no maintenance in the future. Plus, your home will look brand new and will catch everyone’s eye.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Imagine pulling into your driveway after work and instead of looking at a dull home exterior with peeling paint and rotten wood, you look at your home with joy and pride.

While keeping your home protected against the elements is important, it also has to look good at the same time.

Our skills and experience in the painting industry ensure that when you choose us to paint your house, you get a paint job that lasts for years to come and looks absolutely stunning.

Painted Home Exterior

3 Easy Steps To Protect Your Home’s Exterior And Make It Look Brand New

Get a home exterior that represents you with a fast and hassle-free process.

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1. Get In Touch

Fill out our form and send us pictures of the space you wish to transform so we can have an idea of what we’re dealing with.

We’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to talk more about your project, offer you ballpark pricing, and schedule an in-home consultation.

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2. We Get To Work

During the in-home consultation, we’ll discuss your project in-depth, talk about the vision you have for your space, and the necessary steps that we’ll take to get there. 

We’ll also discuss the project timeline, expectations, and get started on work as soon as possible.

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3. Love Your New Home

Your freshly-painted and improved home is now complete.

We’ll do a post-job walkthrough to make sure you are happy with our work and everything is exactly how you envisioned it. As soon as we leave, celebrate your new space and your welcoming home.

Exterior Painting Prices

When we paint your home, we don’t just cover up rotting or damaged areas. First, we repair any damaged surface with the help of our skilled carpenters to ensure a long-term solution. We use premium Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint that does not require primer, along with high-end materials to offer you the top quality service you deserve.

Painted Home Exterior

Base Exterior Painting*

$3.5k - 6k

Includes preparing and painting a deck or front entry.

Painted Home Exterior with Driveway

Average Exterior Painting*

$15k - 20k

Includes preparing and painting a 2500 sq ft home’s exterior.

Painted Home Exterior

High-End Exterior Painting*

$60k - 70k

Includes extensive preparing, replacing some siding, and painting a 2500 sq ft home’s exterior.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your home, your choice of finishes, and the current state that your home is in. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique exterior painting project after the in-home consultation.

Exterior Painting Portfolio

Create the perfect look and atmosphere in your home. Browse our portfolio below to find your inspiration.


interior painting projects completed


exterior painting projects completed


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The Proof Of Happy Customers

To help you make an informed decision on whether we're the right team or not to help you achieve the vision you have, here are our reviews from our past clients.


My experience with Eric Goodwill and Renaissance Solutions Painting & Carpentry was nothing short of fantastic.

When we first met I laid out my requirements, especially the need for a completion date.

Eric and his crew went above and beyond the call of duty by bringing in a great job, on time and on budget.

I highly recommend him and his services. I found the crew to be polite and most importantly clean.

They cleaned up the work site on a daily basis, and when they were complete they did a complete cleanup



Eric is prompt, reliable and trustworthy… all extremely important when hiring on my client’s behalf! Thanks Eric.



I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is looking to get their place painted with high quality and a good price.

I was very happy with the detailed work and the great finish he did to my loft at a bang on price. Thanks again Eric!


Protect Your Most Valuable Asset And Make It Stand Out

When it comes to painting your house, you will be amazed by the cost difference between different kinds of paints. The higher-quality ones are usually more expensive because they are made with fine pigments and more durable resins. However, they require more coats to achieve a uniform look. Hence, a good estimate is crucial when you are planning to paint your house.

The cost of painting a home’s exterior varies depending on several factors. The type of paint you choose will affect the cost. Water-based latex paint, for example, can cost anywhere from $25 to $82 per gallon. This type of paint dries quickly, doesn’t yellow, and is environmentally friendly. It is also available in a wide range of colours. If your house has wood trim and siding, you should opt for oil-based paint.

The amount of trim on your home’s exterior will also affect the cost of the project. It can be time-consuming to paint trim, and most painters won’t spray it for you. Therefore, the more trim on your home’s exterior, the higher the price will be. In addition, you’ll want to factor in the costs of materials, as well as overhead.

Aside from the labour costs, the price of exterior house painting also depends on the type of paint and tools used. Different paints have different qualities and cost different amounts. Moreover, the square footage of the house is another factor that can affect the price. Considering all these factors, exterior house painting costs vary greatly across regions and zip codes. So, it’s important to indicate your zip code while searching for an estimate.

The cost of an exterior paint job depends on how much you need the job to be done.

There are many different factors that determine how much it costs to paint the exterior of your house. These factors include square footage and the type of paint you want to use. Then you must also factor in the labour costs and the paint that you will need to complete the job. You can either hire a contractor or a team of painters to complete the job, or you can try to paint the exterior of your house yourself. In the latter case, you should take into account the tools and paint that you will need, as different types of paints have different prices.

The best way to estimate exterior house painting cost is to measure the surface area of your home using a tape measure or laser measuring tool. Then multiply that number by two to get the total square footage of your home. You should also consider the height of your house. If your house has two stories, for example, you should divide the height by two, which is equal to 20 feet. Lastly, multiply the length and width by 2, to get the total square footage of the exterior surface. You can then multiply the total square footage by this method to arrive at the cost per square foot of paintable space.

Another factor that affects the cost of painting is the amount of prep work required for the painting. If you want to paint your entire house, you will need more primer and caulking than if you’re painting just one wall. It will also take more time to paint several accent walls or use different shades of paint. Moreover, you should ask your painting contractor if they’ll be painting the doors, ceiling, and trim of your house. You should also ask whether the painting job will require any custom mixing of paints.

Many factors affect the price of painting your home. These include the size of the house, the type of paint you choose, prep work and paint quality.

To get an idea of what to expect, contact several painting companies and ask for estimates. It’s best to get at least three quotes. When looking at the costs, make sure to ask each of them for a breakdown of the materials and labour costs. You can also ask for references or to see their portfolio. Finally, make sure to negotiate payment terms before the work begins. Never pay the full amount up front. A down payment of one-third of the total price is typical. However, some painters will require no down payment at all.

How much you pay for a house painting project will depend on the size and type of house. The cost per square foot can vary by up to 40%. This is because different types of paint cost more per gallon. Also, the size of the house and the height of each room will affect the price per square foot.

When it comes to choosing a paint colour for your house, there are several important things to consider. First, you’ll need to determine the mood you’re trying to create. Color is a powerful way to create a focal point in an otherwise featureless room. Also, consider existing factors in the room, such as natural light, decor, and permanent design elements.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is selecting paint colours that are too light for their homes. This happens because colours seem brighter when viewed outside. This is why it’s important to take a sample board of the potential colours and judge them in natural light. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can always call a professional to help you pick the right colours.

Secondly, it’s important to consider the architectural style of your home. Certain designs naturally lend themselves to a certain colour palette. For example, a Victorian-style home will look great with bright colours, whereas a contemporary, west-coast home will look best with natural wood tones and neutral colours like gray.

Third, choose colours that match your house’s location. A deep green and black colour combo can be bold and modern against a white background in winter. It’s interesting without being scary. In addition, you can also opt for paint colours that suit your property’s natural light. It’s a great way to express your personality without having to paint over a bare wall.

Colour trends change at a snail’s pace, so colours chosen today will likely be in style tomorrow. White used to be the safest choice for exterior house painting, but more homeowners are now experimenting with tinted neutrals and dark shades. Light colours make your house look bigger and more open, while darker colours suggest permanence.

Before hiring an exterior house painter, you’ll need to make sure that you’re aware of the costs involved. The price of paint and supplies will vary depending on how many coats you need, the size of your home, and the quality of paint you want to use. For example, if your home is large, you’ll need more paint and more labour than if it’s smaller.

While many painting companies will quote a lower price than others, it is important to understand that not all paints are created equal. The difference in price and quality can significantly affect the overall cost of the project. Economy paints cost less per gallon but require more of them to get the coverage you want. On the other hand, top-of-the-line paints will cost more but provide superior coverage and durability.

The cost of labour accounts for a large portion of the exterior house painting cost. You’ll also have to factor in the use of scaffolding, which can increase the price of the painting project by hundreds of dollars.

The cost of paint for the exterior of a house varies greatly. Some homeowners choose to paint the exterior of their home themselves, but most prefer to hire a professional.

The cost of painting the exterior of a house can vary significantly based on the size and style of your home. A larger home will require more paint because of the larger surface area. Additionally, the number of stories in your home affects the cost as well, since multiple floors require more time to paint.