Will Your Painting Contractor Guarantee Their Residential Painting Prices?

Residential Painting Prices

Will your painting contractor offer you a Price Guarantee on their residential painting prices?

A written price and satisfaction guarantee is your only protection against faulty workmanship, substitute products and hidden charges.

Each bid should specify the materials to be used, the specific steps to be performed and a price that is guaranteed for the bid submitted.

The bid should also include the process for change orders for additional work or for changes to the original bid requirements.

Some Vancouver painting contractors are reluctant to specify in detail what steps they will perform because this eliminates their ability to add on charges for things the customer thought was included in the bid.

Faulty workmanship and hidden or additional charges are the biggest source of complaints and or legal action against contractors.

A good contractor will work hard to give you a price that allows them to meet your expectation and also meet the standards they have set.

In the case of latent damage, which is unknown or unforeseen, or the case of requests for additional work your contractor needs to have, and explain to you, their process for change orders or additional work.

A detailed proposal which includes a comprehensive scope of work and specifications will pretty much eliminate any issues with price. A good contractor will tell you exactly what you are getting, how they are going to do it, the process to make any changes and what you will be paying.

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