Will Your Painting Contractor Give You a Record of Colors and Materials Used?

Before You Hire a Painting Contractor

A quality painting contractor should maintain a record of all colours and materials used on all jobs so that all warranties and/or guarantees can be enforced, if required. A question to ask your painter is “Will you give me a Record of all Colours and Job Materials used on my project?”

A detailed record will let you know what products, colours, and which suppliers were used. In case of any warranty work or other work that gets done later. You will have a quick reference list to make this quick and easy.

In case of a product recall from a supplier, this record will also protect you.

All leftover paint should be clearly labeled and stored in air tight original containers. You should make sure that you store the leftover paint in a storage area that will not freeze. Storing in your garage is not recommended.

Before you hire your painter ask them if they will provide you a record of all colours and materials used on your project.




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