Will You Get a Start and End Date from Your Painting Project?

Will your contractor give you Start and Finish Dates for your Painting Project?

We’ve all heard horror stories of companies starting a project, getting a deposit and then “disappearing”, or taking weeks or months for a job to complete.

Your contractor should be able to provide an approximate start and finish date for all projects in writing.

Beware of painting contractors that will promise you the world in terms of a quick start date but are hesitant to commit to a finish date. The expected completion date and a quality job done by that date are far more important than a quick start date.

There have been countless stories in the media about contractors that accepted a deposit and started a project only to disappear or that pressured the homeowner into giving them a deposit in return for a quick start and then disappeared.

Painting contractors need enough resources to be able to adjust their schedules to meet the customer’s time requirements.

Naturally, you will need to be able to factor in such things as weather. For example if your exterior project is scheduled to last 5 days and on the second day it starts pouring for a whole week, well then obviously your project will be delayed.

Also if your project is next in line and it has just rained for two weeks straight then there is a good chance that your start date will have to be adjusted. A good contractor will contact you and let you know that there has been a delay and communicate new start and completing times.

Another problem is the low bidding poorly managed contractor who does not care about referrals. They start your project, collect a deposit, and then work sporadically. They end up taking weeks to complete a short project, often tearing apart your home and affecting your sanity.

To avoid this call their references and ask did they start and finish on time, did they have a full crew working consistently and would you use them again? Lastly, you can go to one of their job sites. Is it tidy and organized? Does it look like a professionally run company? Do they look like someone you would want working on your home?

Eric is a Vancouver Painting contractor, who is licensed, insured, has his Red Seal Inter-Provincial Ticket. When he is not talking about painting you can find him enjoying a fine cup of JJ Bean Coffee or talking about current events or history.