Does Your Painting Contractor Use Professional Tools, Paint and Equipment?

The Use of Professional Tools and Paint is Important

A construction project, or house painting project, by its very nature, can be a dangerous place. Having insurance isn’t safety. You want to make sure that your contractor is up to date on safety methods and techniques. One way to do this is ask to see their safety plan or to ask what precautions would be taken on your home. Doing so ensures a safe project for their crews and for you and your family.

A good question to find out is if your Contractor use Contractor Grade Ladders, tools and equipment? And do they have policies and procedures for the safe execution of their work processes? Many painters in Vancouver use inadequate, old and generally unsafe ladders and equipment.

Some contractors look to save money by buying equipment that is not contractor grade. This can result in a dangerous situation for their crews and you. It is a smart idea to ask every painting contractor “where do you buy your equipment?” you can also ask what grade ladder they use. Commercial grade is the least that they use. However, not all ladders are the same and while they may be commercial grade they come in different qualities.

A professional will only buy and use contractor grade equipment, especially ladders.

Your contractor should brief you, the homeowner, on safety practices they must follow during the project, especially when you’re not there.

Families with children and pets must be kept informed of any potential hazards and safety concerns during every phase of the project. They must also inform the contractor of any issues or concerns as well.

Eric is a Vancouver Painting contractor, who is licensed, insured, has his Red Seal Inter-Provincial Ticket. When he is not talking about painting you can find him enjoying a fine cup of JJ Bean Coffee or talking about current events or history.