Will Your Painting Service cover a Walk-Through with You?

Clear communication about your painting service is essential because it keeps everyone on track. Some contractors may take short cuts or use materials and methods that are not in the proposal. There’s no way for you to really know. There are some contractors that don’t like the homeowner poking around during the job, asking questions. This practice should raise a red flag as to whether or not the contractor is actually doing what he said they would be doing.

A good contractor will report on job progress daily and then conduct a walk-through at the end of your project. They will invite questions from their customers, and give feedback throughout the project. Good contractors firmly believe that the more information you have about your project the better.

Should there be a change needed, or a potential problem spotted, this is the time to fix it because it can be done much more easily than if it’s spotted after your project is completed.

A comprehensive walk-though after the project is just good business practice. A good practice for the contractor is to have their crew leader let you know the day before that they will be complete by a certain time and that they will need you to do walk through with them at that time.

A good painting contractor will have been updating you on a regular basis, and you with them, and the final walk through should be formality.

So, before you hire a painting contractor, ask them how they will do a walk-through and how they plan on updating you.

Eric is a Vancouver Painting contractor, who is licensed, insured, has his Red Seal Inter-Provincial Ticket. When he is not talking about painting you can find him enjoying a fine cup of JJ Bean Coffee or talking about current events or history.