What is Your Painting Contractors Warranty?

Painting Contractors and Their Warranty

Before hiring Painting Contractors you need to find out what sort of warranty you will be getting. Just remember that your warranty – no matter how long – is only good if the company is around in to cover it.

A standard architectural warranty is good for 2-years on all labor and workmanship.

In Plain English – if your painting project cracks, chips or peels during the warranty period they should fix it at no cost to you.

In most cases there would be a charge for material or labour if the area has been damaged under circumstances that are not part of normal wear and tear. There is a huge list of all the crazy ways that painting projects have been damaged in the 14 years we have been business, but if someone took a baseball bat to your wall or used your living room as a driving range that isn’t covered under normal wear and tear.

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