Will My Painter Keep me Updated on Progress?

Does your painter have a Daily Progress Report?

Customers like to know how their project is coming and this is the easiest way for them to be kept informed about the progress in very simple terms.

Daily communication allows you to feel comfortable that they can get your questions answered promptly. It also allows for prompt resolution of any onsite issues.

Your contractor should have a policy and process of reporting to you daily. They will let you know what they have accomplished, what they will be working on the next day, any issues or concerns. At this time you should be encouraged to give feedback. Good contractors encourage feedback as this allows them to make adjustments to the way they are doing the job. It could be as simple a reminder as to ask the crew to make sure that the gate is locked when they leave, as you have a pool and are concerned about the neighbour’s children getting access.

A daily progress report is one of the best ways to communicate with your contractor as it lets you know where they are in your project and also gives you the opportunity to give feedback whether corrective or if its praise for good work.

Eric is a Vancouver Painting contractor, who is licensed, insured, has his Red Seal Inter-Provincial Ticket. When he is not talking about painting you can find him enjoying a fine cup of JJ Bean Coffee or talking about current events or history.