Will Your Interior Painting Be Cleaned Up After the Job is Done?

An important question to ask your painting contractor is: Do you have Written Daily Interior painting and Exterior Cleanup Checklist?

Firstly in their proposal, if you even got one, your contractor should clearly specify their daily cleanup policy and their policy for end of job cleanup policy. If it’s not in writing it does not exist. I have heard of many cases of low priced Vancouver contractors being asked to clean up after themselves at which point they say “we never included that in the price”. Realistically what did you expect, if you pick the cheapest guy or one who does not have a written policy you are at the mercy of what they either want to do or what you can get from them.

You could save yourself the hassle and stress and just ask to see their daily cleanup policy or checklists.

By having such cleanup policies and written checklists Shows that your contractor has respect for you and your property and that they are going to go the extra mile. While it may be expected that they will clean up after themselves don’t assume that they will. One of the biggest sources of homeowner frustration is unrealized expectations.

A daily cleanup checklist should be utilized by all painting contractors. The list should include things such as:

Locking up ladders, sweeping up and vacuuming, making sure that all garbage and debris is removed, storing tools.

A good contractor wants to have a tidy workplace as it is safer and results in happier clients.

So ask to see your prospective contractors written cleanup checklist to protect yourself, your sanity and that of your neighbours.

Eric is a Vancouver Painting contractor, who is licensed, insured, has his Red Seal Inter-Provincial Ticket. When he is not talking about painting you can find him enjoying a fine cup of JJ Bean Coffee or talking about current events or history.